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Space Hunters provides differentiated advice on spatial analysis and geomarketing. We assist in the local decision making of our clients and partners, both in the urban scale and in the level of the architectural object (in shopping centers, commercial galleries, markets, fairs, among others).


We use a system of calculations unique in the market, which combines urban techniques, computational simulation and urban configurational analysis, with business management and marketing, as well as the know-how of our team and collaborators.

Explore the images below and see a brief description of each stage of our work:

Space Hunters is able to meet diverse needs, such as:

Space Hunters basically sets up several mathematically simulated scenarios that are able to complete a hierarchy that varies according to the degree of probability that each of them has to meet the demands of our customers.




from proven results that, with the facilitation of our other advantages, become even more precise


from a system capable of analyzing any region of the world (remotely)


from clear, simple and objective studies that facilitate the understanding to the client


​​from a study that, even presenting all these benefits, is delivered in a very short time (approximately 1 month)


from a work that aims, instead of just delivering ready data and research, adapt and analyze according to the characteristics of each client and TOGETHER with the client


We have already done work in more than 110 cities spread across countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico and the United States. Here are some of Space Hunters' customers:



Choosing a place to start a business is often done based on the "feeling" of the entrepreneur. When he sought information that would support his decision, most of the time this information was presented in a complex way, which required an effort to understand what it was indicating. In addition, the time it took to search and the cost to get reasonable results made it even harder for people who just wanted to know where to put their business.


Feeling this reality, with a desire to change it and with the union of the marketing experience of Francisco Maraschim Zancan with the knowledge in urban spatial analysis of Arch. Leonardo Lima, was born, in 2014, to Space Hunters. We have developed a system that combines urban techniques combining mathematical calculations, computational simulation and urban theories with business management and marketing. With this, we are the fastest and least expensive way to analyze, quality, any place in the world completely remotely and deliver the results captured in a clear, easy and close to the reality of the client. Our goal is to help small entrepreneurs to large retail chains in locational decision-making for their brands, whether located on city streets, shopping malls, commercial galleries or any architectural structure.



Arch. Francisco Maraschim Zancan

CEO of Space Hunters. He holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Brazil. He holds a post-graduate degree in Marketing and Communication from ESPM-Sul. Has experience in Marketing, Business Plan, Commercial Architecture and Retail. In addition to CEO of Space Hunters, he lectures and teaches courses in entrepreneurship and trade marketing.

Arch. Me. Leonardo Lima

Expertise Space Hunters. He holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Brazil. He holds a Master's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning (PROPUR / UFRGS). Has experience with themes related to Urban Space Analysis, Urban Spatial Networks and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Adm. Arthur Dias Duarte

Marketing and Sales Director of Space Hunters. He holds a degree in Administration with Emphasis in Marketing from ESPM-Sul in Brazil. He has experience in marketing, consulting and planning, sales, people management, digital business and innovation ecosystems. In addition to SH Marketing and Sales Director, he advises young entrepreneurs and technology, programming and entertainment companies.



We are on hand to help you know the best location for your business!
cel: +55 51 99963 1121